Interior Wall Insulation

Interior Wall Insulation is Just as Important as Exterior Wall Insulation

On a very cold day, most people would not put on a jacket without a sweater underneath because they want the warmth that both provide together. Exterior and interior wall insulation for your home follows this same reasoning. While exterior walls get a lot of attention when it comes to insulating homes, insulating interior walls as well creates a more formidable barrier against heat transfer. Insulating both interior and exterior walls dramatically reduces your home’s energy consumption and your monthly energy bills.

Radiant Barrier Installed on Building Walls

When you’ve decided that interior wall insulation is to be a part of your home remodeling project, you want the most comprehensive insulation solution for your home. eShield™ – the revolutionary, multilayer, reflective barrier – combined with traditional insulation, like fiberglass blankets and spray foams, protects your home from all three kinds of heat transfer; convection, conduction, and radiation. No radiant foil barrier reflects heat away from homes like eShield™ does. eShield™ has been shown to reflect 97 percent of heat radiation that comes in contact with it.

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