Solar Attic Fan

The Benefits of Installing a Solar Attic Fan on Your Home

A solar attic fan from eShield™ is a sun-powered fan that actively removes hot air and humidity from the attic, helping homeowners to better regulate the temperature of their homes and cut down on monthly electrical bills. A window with Decorative Window FilmThe team at eShield™ is dedicated to helping homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes, and our solar attic fans are an integral component in our comprehensive attic insulation system. This advanced product boasts several features and comes with a variety of mounts, making it the perfect addition to nearly any home.

A window with Decorative Window Film

Poor ventilation in an attic allows warm air to become stagnant and moisture to collect, which can be significant problems for a home. Excess humidity can create an environment that is ideal for potentially disastrous mold growth, and a hot attic can drive up cooling costs and shorten the lifespan of a home’s central climate control system. However, when a solar attic fan is installed in the attic, heat and moisture are consistently removed from the space throughout the day.

Some of the additional advantages to this cost-effective approach to attic ventilation are that the system:

  • Helps to prevent ice damming issues in the winter
  • Is  environmentally friendly and requires no electricity to operate
  • Is designed for an easy installation and can begin delivering results immediately
  • May qualify for federal tax credits and further incentives in certain states
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Can withstand winds of up to 170mph*

Each solar attic fan is available in a variety of color choices to help the fan complement the décor of the exterior of your home. We also offer several mount options, including the standard mount, pivot bracket, remote mount, and more.

For additional information about the numerous advantages of installing a solar attic fan in your home, contact us today. We also offer radiant barrier insulation, blown in insulation, vinyl replacement windows, and other energy efficient products and services.

* Please refer to your local building code for specific wind load requirements for your area. Meets Florida Building Code and Texas Windstorm (TDI) product approval standards.