Money Saving Products

In Energy Saving Products, eShield™ Leads the Pack


Money cutWith the current tidal wave of environmentally-friendly products hitting the market, figuring out which are actually worth the money can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But of all these energy saving products, eShield™ multilayer foil insulation truly rises above the rest. As anyone who pays a power bill knows, the cost of energy is very high, and it continues to rise every year. Rather than waste money on gadgets, invest in the value and continued protection of your home with eShield™, a completely new insulation.

Unlike other house insulation, eShield™:

    • Resists heat transfer through emission, which is the number-one cause of lost energy in the home
    • Works in harmony with and enhances the effectiveness of existing insulation
    • Actually reflects radiant energy from the sun to keep your home cooler in the summer
    • Is perforated to help keep the housing envelope dry; this insulation will not contribute to mold growth in your house
    • Is made of a fire-resistant material and is actually less combustible than your home’s wooden beams.

If you’re considering a greenovation for your home, or you’re a contractor specializing in these environmentally-friendly home makeovers, eShield™ makes a perfect companion to other energy saving products such as refrigerators, windows, doors, siding, and more. By tackling all sources of power usage and loss, you can significantly reduce consumption – and your carbon footprint.

For more information on installing eShield™ in your home, or to learn about opportunities and green consulting services for contractors, call or e-mail us today.