Basement Insulation

Basement Insulation with Unsurpassed Heat Deflection Ability – eShield™ Multilayer Radiant Heat Barrier

Basement insulation is an important part of any home “greenovation” project. A basement that has not been insulated gives outside temperatures an unobstructed route into your home, and can cause energy consumption in your home to dramatically fluctuate.Radiant Barrier Installed on Building WallsProfessionally installed basement wall insulation, including a combination of traditional fiberglass blankets or polystyrene foam, and eShield™ – the revolutionary, multilayer, reflective radiant heat barrier – offers a complete solution for reducing energy costs.

Typical basement insulation of fiberglass or spray foam alone won’t offer comprehensive protection for your home. Using only those standard products to insulate basement wallsand floors only protect from heat conduction and convection, earning them their r value. eShield™ protects from the kind of heat transfer they don’t – radiant heat, or emissivity. This earns eShield™ its e value, and eShield™, which deflects 97 percent of radiant heat, has the highest e value in the industry. Furthermore, basements can be damp and crawling with insects. Not only does eShield™ protect your home against rising energy costs, but you also get the added peace of mind of an advanced basement insulation design that is moisture and insect resistant.

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