Insulation Installation

Insulation Installation by Authorized and Professionally Trained eShield™ Dealers

eShield Install Crew

Whether you need rafter or interior wall insulation installation, eShield™ can be professionally installed anywhere in your home. From attics to crawlspaces, our professionally trained eShield™ dealers have the skill and knowledge to properly install eShield™ with your existing standard insulation to create the most comprehensive home insulation solution in the industry. Normal insulation installation using fiberglass batts or polyurethane sprays only reduce heat convection and conduction with no regard for heat radiation.

eShield™ comes to the rescue in your home’s struggle against radiant heat. This revolutionary, multilayer, radiant barrier reflects 97 percent of radiant heat, a level unsurpassed by any standard foil.

Before beginning a home insulation installation, we recommend a home energy audit by one of our trusted eShield™ dealers. A dealer will come and carefully inspect every room in your home to determine where there are leaks and other weak spots are in your home in regards to heat transfer. Then your energy bills will be examined and your monthly savings with a complete insulation solution including eShield™ will be determined.