Exterior Wall Insulation

Exterior Wall Insulation Offering an Unsurpassed Level of Shielding from Radiant Heat – eShield™ Multilayer Energy Barrier

Along with your attic, your exterior walls are part of the first line of defense against temperatures seeping into your home from outside. If your energy bills are out of control, your exterior wall insulation may be insufficient. The inability of your insulation to maintain temperatures inside your home dramatically increases your home’s energy consumption. When it comes time to remodel your home and you are thinking of going green, eShield™ multilayer, radiant barrier insulation provides the most reflective power against radiant heat in the industry.

Radiant Barrier Installed on Building Walls

eShield™ reflects an amazing 97 percent of radiant heat due to its revolutionary, multilayer thermal design, utilizing the same technology that protects astronauts from the sun’s heat in space. Polystyrene foams and fiberglass blankets don’t protect against radiant heat emissions; they only reduce heat conduction and convection. eShield™, combined with regular insulation, provides the most complete exterior wall insulation solution for your home.

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