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eShield, Offering a Variety of Energy Saving Products

Blown in insulation: is an integral component of the comprehensive attic insulation system that eShield™ proudly offers. Our fiberglass insulation is 100 percent recycled and is the only insulation in the world that is guaranteed to remain at its original R-value level for as long as you own your home.

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Insulating Glass: is installed on the interior or exterior of your home’s existing windows. This state-of-the-art product is a fully operable insulating glass system that is designed to substantially reduce costly heat gains and losses that can drive up monthly energy bills.

Vinyl Replacement Windows: For more than 60 years, fiberglass has undergone substantial improvements to enhance its affordability and energy efficiency.

Solar Attic Fan: A solar attic fan from eShield™ is a sun-powered fan that actively removes hot air and humidity from the attic, helping homeowners to better regulate the temperature of their homes and cut down on monthly electrical bills.

Air Sealing: In addition to making homes more energy-efficient, eShield’s sealing system can also help reduce ice dams from occurring on homes located in cooler climates since warm air won’t leak out of a sealed attic.

Fiberglass Insulation: Added to cost saving opportunities, another benefit of eShield™ eco fiberglass insulation is that it’s naturally fire-resistant.

IceCOLD®: helps break up and prevent oil fouling and will recharge your AC so it performs like it did when you first installed it.

Additionally, Reflective Window Insulation and Decorative Window Film are solutions that allow you to have the beautiful leaded glass windows you’ve always wanted while lowering your home energy bills like you’ve always dreamed. We offer a wide variety of design options that will beautifully complement the décor of virtually any home.

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