Reflective Window Insulation

Window Film from eShield™ Technologies

If you’re searching for a revolutionary new window film that will help lower your energy costs, look no further than the eShield™ Energy Reflective Glass Coating System (ERG).

A window with Decorative Window Film

While traditional window film attempts to reduce heat gain by making your windows darker to absorb heat, eShield™ ERG utilizes state-of-the-art reflective technology in order to lower your home energy costs. Plus, because eShield™ ERG doesn’t darken your windows and transmits 75 percent of visible light, your home views won’t be compromised.

Here are some of the other benefits of our window film:

  • Blocks 94 percent of all infrared light
  • Rejects 99 percent of harmful UV rays
  • Available with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Protects your home furniture from fading and other damage
  • Highest rating for visible light transition and solar heat gain co-efficiency from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)

eShield™ ERG is also one of the most economical solutions available, as it can be about 75 percent less expensive than replacing your residential windows, but significantly more effective at bringing down energy costs. With the ability to keep your indoor temperatures steady year-round by utilizing clear, reflective technology, eShield™ ERG blocks the heat, not your view.

For more information about our window film, please call or e-mail eShield™ technologies today. We have friendly and knowledgeable eShield™ professionals located throughout the country who are ready to help make your home more environmentally friendly. We’re also happy to offer other environmentally friendly products like ac recharge IceCOLD® ac recharge, air sealing equipment, fiberglass insulation, and more