Insulation Materials

Insulation Materials – New, Green Innovations to Protect Your Home and Your Wallet

When most people think of insulation materials, they may think of itchy, painful fiberglass or sticky, gooey foam. But, there is a new product on the market that is free of dangerous fibers and is also hypoallergenic. That product is eShield™ home insulation. A man installing fiberglass insulationCrafted with revolutionary foil laminating technology, eShield™ does not contribute to mildew growth as other types can, lasts for the life of the home without maintenance, and is not subject to settling. But, this product is different from other insulation materials not only in its construction.

Traditional insulation is rated by R-value, meaning its resistance to heat transfer by means of conduction or convection. However, they are not evaluated on the basis of E-value, which is the resistance to radiation, or radiant heat transfer. In fact, many traditional types have woefully low E-values, leaving the homeowner under-protected and vulnerable to higher energy bills. However, eShield™ building insulation does have a high E-value, and when combined with existing insulation materials, it helps you shield your home from all three types of energy transmission. By taking a triple-tier approach to thermal insulation, you can create a virtually impenetrable barrier between the cozy interior of your home and the external climate.

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