Green Contractors

Green Contractors Provide Beautiful and Environmentally-Friendly Home Renovations

When you choose to install eShield™ in your home, you not only get the benefits of the product itself; you also get the expertise of our green contractors.

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Dealers of eShield™ multilayer barrier insulation specialize in providing environmentally-conscious renovations, or “greenovations,” as they are often called. In addition to considering the aesthetic qualities of your remodeling project, our green contractors survey your home’s insulation, walls, windows, attics, doors, siding, and overall energy efficiency. Once they have completed their analysis, they provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your home, as well as recommendations on ways to improve it.

Our green contractors provide only top quality products, not just for insulation, but also for all the other building materials that may be involved in your renovation. Depending on your personal situation, your remodeling contractor may recommend steps such as adding traditional insulation underneath eShield™, replacing old, drafty windows with new energy efficient models, or sealing cracks and leaks that weaken the home’s barrier against the outside environment. Many times, homeowners are surprised at the things that have been costing them so much money in their power bill, and they’re delighted at the final product. Not only do greenovations save you money – they also help to save the planet.