eShield 11000™: The Best of Both Worlds

eShield 11000™ offers a highly efficient multilayer radiant barrier that stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer – and limits convection and conduction heat transfer with a quarter-inch of encapsulated fiberglass with up to 11.6 R-value.

One-quarter inch fiberglass core bonded between scrim-reinforced layers of 99% pure aluminum. Radiant Resistance: Up to 97% reflectivity

Radiant Resistance:
Up to 97% reflectivity


Test Results:

Physical Properties Test Values
Flame spread ASTME84 0(RFSK)/5(FOIL)
Smoke Developed ASTME84 0(RFSK)/15(FOIL)
Full Scale Corner Wall UL 1715/UBC 26-3 PASS
Thermal Performance ASTMC1363/C976 Heat flow down: R-11.6
Heat flow up: R-8.3
Horizontal: R-9
Permeability Pressure Diff. 25 Air Flow: 1.322
Pressure Diff. 50 Air Flow: 1.816
Pressure Diff. 75 Air Flow: 2.228
Pressure Diff. 100 Air Flow: 2.442
Pressure Diff. 150 Air Flow: 3.044
Pressure Diff. 300 Air Flow: 4.530
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