Your Attic Is Most Unfriendly Place On Earth

With summer highs in the 150-160 degree range, your attic can reach temperatures over 30% hotter than the even hottest day in the Sahara Desert! Your attic is easily the harshest, nastiest, most brutal environment in your home. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the biggest factors when it comes to the comfort and efficiency of your heating and cooling system too. If you have any ductwork and/or system components in your attic, chances are your sacrificing comfort and losing money.

Sahara DesertDuring the summer, while attic temperatures skyrocket to 150+ degrees, your cooling system is circulating cold air (that you just paid to cool) through your ductwork that’s literally surrounded by hotter than the Sahara Desert attic air. Imagine taking a cold can of Coke up into the attic on a hot, summer afternoon, and just setting it there. How long do you think the soda would stay cold? Probably not very long at all. Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening in your ductwork every day during cooling season.

Just the opposite occurs during winter. Attic temperatures plummet to frigid temperatures, especially at night after the sun goes down. Your heating system is circulating warm air (that you just paid to heat) through your ductwork that’s surrounded by freezing cold air. Imagine taking a hot cup of coffee up into the attic on a cold winter evening, and just setting it there. How long before the coffee gets cold? That’s exactly what’s happening in your ductwork every day during heating season.

You pay a lot of money every month to the big, rich utility companies to run your heating and cooling systems in order to stay comfortable year-round. Inadequate codes and outdated standards translate into poorly performing, inefficient attics, which in turn really do a number on your monthly utility bills. Not only do faulty, inefficient attics hurt your wallet, they put way more wear and tear on your heating and cooling system too.

Cold air isn’t quite as cold by the time it circulates through your ducts and into your home, because it gains lots of heat as it passes through your desert-like attic. Not only are you paying for energy to initially cool that air and not getting the full affect into your home, your cooling system also has to run even longer to offset these gains too. And, let’s not forget that hotter attics mean more heat coming into your home through your ceilings, exasperating the issue even further! During heating season, it’s just the reverse. It’s a year-round nightmare!

Fixing inefficient, faulty attics is one of the top home improvements you can make to improve your comfort, lower your utility bills, and increase the value of your home, making it a Certifiable Homeowner No-Brainer!


Original Article Published on Comfort Jedi