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With the current tidal wave of environmentally-friendly products hitting the market, figuring out which are actually worth the money can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But of all these energy saving products, eShield™ multi-layer foil insulation truly rises above the rest.

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Crawlspace Insulation – Another Important Aspect of Complete Home Insulation

Some believe that crawlspace insulation isn’t really a big deal because heat naturally rises; however, this isn’t a correct assumption. Crawlspace Heat rises in convection and conduction, but this isn’t the case for radiant heat, which moves in a straight line out of your home whether it’s going up, down, or sideways. Unfortunately, most standard insulation does not address radiant heat transmission – the way homes lose most of their energy – which could cost the homeowner hundreds more on energy bills. Luckily, eShield ™ crawlspace insulation has an enormously high E-value, meaning it protects against 97% of all radiant heat transfer.

When insulating crawlspaces with eShield™, you are using the same material trusted by NASA to protect their astronauts from the powerful rays of the sun while in space. This first-rate technology will result in big savings on energy bills. You will no longer have to worry about heat sneaking in or escaping out of the crawlspaces underneath your home.

If you’re looking to insulate a crawlspace, no job is complete without installing eShield™, which can be added to any existing crawlspace insulation. With professionally trained and experienced dealers located throughout the U.S., there is no reason you can’t experience all the benefits eShield™ thermal insulation can provide.

For more information on locating a dealer near you, please contact us today.Our insulation is also great for attics, ceilings, walls, lofts, basements, floors, and other residential areas.